Paralegal Testifies as Witness reports on another case in which a paralegal was called upon to testify as to events occurring “on the job:”

Unhappy about the result of a motion filed by his matrimonial lawyer in a child custody dispute, a New Jersey accountant allegedly took extreme action.

Nicholas Lucarella, now 57, is accused of hiring another state resident to kill his attorney, Peter Paras….

Testifying earlier today in state court in Freehold about the day of the June 2002 attack, retired paralegal Leslie Margolies said she became concerned after receiving a strange phone call from a purported would-be client and told Paras not to come to work on the day of the attack. She also told other staff to keep the doors of the law office locked.

“I was very concerned,” she testified.

I’ve previously posted on paralegals needing to be aware of their potential as witnesses to what has occurred and, on occasion, what has not occurred while at work. Since I still teach a class tonight before packing, I’ll just refer those interested to that post.

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