Pepsi’s Problem

Pepsi’s 1.2 Billion-dollar boo-boo is (or should be) the discussion of the day on the Legal Assistant Today listserv and several blogs.  On the listserv, it has started with this post:

One of my attorneys forwarded this article to us (mostly as a joke about ‘let’s sue Pepsi while they aren’t looking’).

Anyway.  If you had been the Paralegal who was tasked to serve PepsiCo the corporation, where would you have sent the Subpoena? Just a quick search of the WI Corporations page shows one active filing w/a corporate registered agent.

Also, how many of you believe the legal assistant with PepsiCo is no longer employed there.  That right there is my worst employment nightmare.

Anyway obviously there is much more to it (SOL issues, etc) but with our recent talks about serving corporations I thought this would be interesting.

Katrina C. Robinson, NCCP


And Lynne DeVenney of Practical Paralegalism provided a very good post on the topic yesterday. I am at the AAfPE conference today (trying to determine when I became too old to handle a two hour time change!) and cannot dwell on this long, but it does seem to me that while a good paralegal can be the solution to a lot of process management problems, and no process management solution should be put in place without input from the office paralegals, this failure falls on those who set up Pepsi’s system as much as, if not more than, the legal secretary. None the less it provides a good object lesson to all of us and definitely falls in the “Consequences of Sloppiness” category.

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  • Robert, thank you for linking to my post. The more I think about it, the more I think that the media – and Pepsi – may be giving this poor secretary an unfair rap, or at minimum, an outrageous apportionment of the blame. It’s true that she “dropped the ball” on the handling of the business correspondence and it’s a darned memorable example to us all – but if the more detailed news reports are accurate, much bigger fish in Pepsi’s corporate pool dropped much bigger balls (sorry about the mixed metaphors 🙂 which resulted in the final “billion dollar boo-boo” 😮

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