Paralegal Menter Mastermind Call Follow-up

I had a very interesting and enjoyable time last night as The Paralegal Mentor’s“Mastermind” Call of the month. I believe there is still time so sign up for a recorded version of the call at The Paralegal Mentor’ssite. Alsom, check out the other services, many free, offered there.

There is only time for a quick follow-up today and I will focus on Vicki Voison’s statement that as a new paralegal in a small town she found it necessary to “enlarge her world.” It seems to me that this is sound advice not only for each paralegal individually but for the profession as a whole.

In order for the profession to obtain a unified identity (which is not the same as unanimity of opinion), there has to be as much interaction between the members of the profession as possible, together with an exchange of ideas, concerns, problems and solutions. This has, in the past, been done through personal participation in professional associations such as NALA, NFPA and NALS, and I believe that is still the best way. However, social media presents an additional opportunity in this regard through listservs, forums and blogs.

I encourage each of you to participate as fully as you can in each of these opportunities. Professional associations provide opportunities for you to network and satisfy ethical obligations. Listserv, forum and blogs provide opportunities not only to learn, but to contribute to the development of the profession. Each of you has something valuable to contribute through your comments to blog posts, responses to listserv questions and, in general, the telling to others of your experiences, espeically those experiences that result in solutions to problems.

Certainly I view that this blog not as a forum for me, but for the paralegal profession. Your contributions are not only welcome, but strongly solicited.

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  • Thanks for doing this post and encouraging paralegals to participate fully in the many personal and virtual networking opportunities available to them. I learn so much from other paralegals, even from following state and national listservs. Paralegals, by virtue of their training and work experience, are an extraordinarily resourceful and helpful group of professionals. Networking, especially via social media, is a wonderful way to share information and support, and be a part of the group!

    For those of you that haven’t yet signed up for Vicki Voisin’s weekly ezine, I highly encourage you to do so. She’s a great source of paralegal news and professional tips. Also, add this blog, The Empowered Paralegal, as well as Vicki’s blog, The Paralegal Mentor, to your RSS reader so that you don’t miss any informative posts.

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