Is Canada showing us the way?

I’ve previously posted on The Canadian Perspective regarding the role of a paralegal. Today The Paralegal Gateway has a post covering a story I was planning on including here, but had not yet had the time. They even provide the commentary making less work for me, so here’s the teaser and the link:

We’ve been keeping an eye on our Paralegal colleagues in Canada for some time. They are truly leading the way for our Profession and it would be great to see the same take shape in some form in the US.

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Nov. 18, 2009) – Licensed paralegals in Ontario will mark a major milestone in March 2010 when they take part in the first ever vote to elect five of their colleagues to join the Paralegal Standing Committee of the Law Society of Upper Canada. The first five paralegal members of the current committee were appointed by the Ontario government in November 2006 to develop the paralegal regulatory framework.

Licensed paralegals are eligible to stand for election and vote in the province-wide election. Online voting will take place throughout March 2010, ending at 5 p.m. on March 31.

“Ontario became the first jurisdiction in North America to regulate paralegals in 2007,” says Law Society Treasurer W. A. Derry Millar. “Today, we have more than 2,500 licensed paralegals in the province, and we encourage them to nominate their colleagues and to make sure they vote in this important election.

At the very least the system in Canada provides the petrie dish for experimentation that we do not have here. It should provide fodder for several research projects and publication opportunities for tenure track paralegal education faculty. 

I’m in the process of putting together a paralegal professionalism anthology with a peer-review editorial panel. Anyone like to tackle this topic? Articles from practicing paralegal will accepted for review.

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