Reaching for the ‘One File’ Ideal – UPDATED

My “One File at a Time” post is one of the most popular since I started this blog. It has drawn a larger than normal number of views over the last couple of days apparently due to a reference to it in The Paralegal Mentor‘s most recent newsletter in which Vicki Voisin questions asks “Is ‘One File at a Time’ Realistic?” in her feature article. Vicki recognizes that for a working paralegal One File at a Time is a, perhaps unreachable, ideal but advocates taking steps that will bring that ideal closer to reality. Of the ten tips she offers my favorite is:

5. Become an instant decision maker. When an assignment, a document or a file comes into your office, decide immediately how to deal with it. Never place it in the ‘put it here for now’ pile. That pile will just continue to grow.

If whatever you’ve been given to do won’t take long, take care of it right then and there. You’ve already been interrupted so you might as well complete the task before you go back to your work. If you don’t need to do it immediately, put it away, or place it in the incline file sorter.

All of her suggestions are good, so check out the article in her newsletter.

UPDATE: Vicki’s entire article is now available as a post on her blog.

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  • Vicki Voisin says:

    Thanks for your reference to my article…for which you were certainly the inspiration! Thanks, too, for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with my listeners on the November Paralegal Mentor Mastermind Call.

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