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Several threads on discussion boards I’ve been reading laterly concern the difficulty of getting hired with no experience and the difficulty of getting experience if you can’t get hired. As mentioned in a previous post, one way to get that experience and network at the same time is through volunteering. Here’s an opportunity from the LinkedIn Paralegal Network:

From the Chicago Paralegal Network:
Volunteer with Illinois Legal Aid Online

Volunteer Opportunity Description: In an effort to make the legal information on , , and available to a wider range of Illinois residents, we are looking for paralegals and other professionals to transcribe video webcasts that appear on these websites. The websites have over 400 webcasts that need to be transcribed for the deaf and hearing impaired. Webcast trainings are sponsored by a variety of organizations and present material in a variety of legal practice areas. The legal information presented in these webcasts is intended for low income Illinois residents, pro bono attorneys and legal aid advocates.

Volunteers with paralegal or transcription experience are preferred, but is not required for this work. Volunteers must be proficient typists. Legal expertise in a specific area is not necessary, as all transcribed material will be reviewed by an attorney prior to being posted on the website. Volunteers can be located anywhere, as all work can be conducted over the internet.

Interested volunteers should contact Multimedia Coordinator Susan Muirhead at 312.977.9047 ext. 17 or

To paraphrase a previous post, doing good for others makes you feel better about yourself. The decision to do something beneficial to others with your time puts you in charge of that time rather than letting your circumstances be in charge of you. These two “attitude adjustments” will go a long way towards helping you find employment. After all, other factors being equal the candidate with the professional attitude is more likely to be hired than the one with out. These attitude adjustments will also take some of the sting out of the waiting-to-be-hired period.

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