Knick Knack Paddy Wack – Updated

There are times when I’d really like to know the back-story on internet searches that lead to this blog. Today one was “knick knacks for paralegals.” On clicking through I was surprised but pleased to know that one of my posts earned the No. 1 slot on Goggle for that search, as is the case for “sexy paralegal assistant.” Anyway, if you are the one searching for knick knacks for paralegals, I’d love to hear from you!

Those of you looking for any real substance in this post are, I am sure, disappointed, but the title should not have raised your expectations.

UPDATE: There may be a point to be made here after all. Lynne Devenny at Practical Paralegalismposted yesterday regarding an Above the Lawthread dealing with holiday gifts from attorneys to their paralegals. As I read her post and got the part that says, “Based on comments to date, administrative legal staff can expect anything – a Wendy’s Frosty card, dinner for two at Red Lobster, cash – or nothing at all,” I began to cringe as I realized the Knick Knack search may have been an attorney looking for holiday gifts for a paralegal! Knock, Knock attorneys – Kno Knick Knacks. Your paralegals are professionals. Get real.

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