Call for Papers – Paralegal Professionalism Anthology

Paralegal Professionalism Anthology

R. E. Mongue, Managing Editor

Carolina Academic Press, Publisher


The Paralegal Professionalism Anthology announces a Call for Manuscripts. The anthology will be a one-volume edited, peer-reviewed publication addressing the need for scholarly materials relating to many aspects of paralegal professionalism other than the basics of dress, grooming and manners. Manuscripts are sought from paralegal educators, practicing paralegals, paralegals seeking post-graduate degrees and other qualified authors.

The Anthology Editorial Board will consider two types of articles:

  • Major articles—current research, theoretical models, and conceptual treatments— of up to 7,000 words. Manuscripts should address both theoretical and practical implications.


  • “Best Practices” articles of up to 4,000 words.  These “Best Practice” articles contain descriptions of new, innovative, and successful programs or practices.  The programs or practices should be replicable and of significance to paralegal education.


  • Opinion pieces of up to 2,000 words addressing issues directly relevant to paralegal education.


Potential topics for papers include

  • Licensing,  regulation and certification of the paralegal profession
  • Comparative jurisdictional practices
  • Profession identity and development
  • Personal and professional integrity
  • Work Ethic
  • Comparisons to other professions
  • Professional associations
  • Client management
  • Attorney relationship management
  • UPL
  • “Independent,” freelance and contract paralegals
  • Other professionalism topics suggested by authors or discussed at


Manuscripts must be submitted by June 30, 2010.  To assist the Editorial Board, a Notice of Intent to Submit with a short statement regarding the type of submission and the topic of the submission should be sent to the managing editor by February 15, 2010. Additional submission information will be provided to potential authors upon receipt of the Notice of Intent to Submit.  Potential authors should feel free to consult with The Anthology managing editor, Robert E. Mongue.  He can be reached at or (662) 915-7293.

Please share this announcement with colleagues and graduate students who may be interested in submitting manuscripts.

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