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It’s Friday night and I’m on break from teaching a class that ends at 9 p.m. – well past cocktail starting time, so I’ll post this for your consideration over the weekend without comment. You can read the full post on ABAJournal.com:

As part of an upcoming program at the New York State Bar Association’s annual meeting later this month, an all-male panel was initially organized to offer “specific skill-building advice” apparently intended to help an audience of women lawyers address gender-related issues:

“A distinguished panel of gentlemen from the legal field will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of women in the areas of communication, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, organization, and women’s overall management of their legal work,” explains the program for the event (PDF), which is sponsored by the NYSBA’s Committee on Women in the Law. Panelists include partners from two major law firms and a senior lawyer for the state’s trial department.

But, after the program description drew fire from potential attendees, that plan changed.

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