Paralegals In Film

For a while now I’ve been considering developing a course that focuses on professionalism, ethics, and the like by examining the depiction of paralegals/legal assistants in film. (I know it’s not really film anymore, but sounds better than “digital media.”) Inspired by an excellent post by Melissa H. at Paralegalese regarding Deep End, I’ve begun work on the course. As I noted in my comment to Melissa’s post, it is likely to go from

Perry Mason’s Della Streetthrough Erin Brockovich – maybe Danny Devito in “Rainman” – to recent entries like “Deep End.” The television shows are difficult because it means I may have to watch them. So let me know whether the class should jump into the “Deep End.” Suggestions of other films and shows would also be welcome.

Melissa was nice enough to email me some suggestions. Please let me know your thoughts either in a comment here or via email to

I’m already familiar with the paralegal porn star story. His films don’t count because in them a paralegal portrays someone in film rather than someone portraying a paralegal in film. A subtle distinction, I’m sure, but an important one for this project.

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