Central Florida Paralegal Volunteering Follow-up.

Cassie D. Snyder, CP, FRP (Certified Paralegal/Florida Registered Paralegal), Second Vice President & Editor of the FOCUS, and CFPA Yahoo Group Moderator provided me with information requested in my post yesterday regarding the Central Florida Paralegal Association’s request for volunteers. Here’s the low-down on the program:

CFPA assists each of the counties providing Teen Court in our general location in finding paralegal volunteers for this program to act as Jury Advisors to the teen jury they are assigned to for the evening.  These teen juries consist of legal magnet program students (who also act as the prosecution and defense attorneys) as well as teens serving out part of their punishment as a jury member for a specified number of juries.  The role of the Jury Advisor is to make sure that the jury renders a punishment in each case heard (usually 2 cases a night) that is a fair punishment and in line with the Teen Court guidelines.  In Seminole County, paralegals can actually take the training program to sit in as Judges (usually done by attorneys).  This opportunity is a great way to give back to the community as a paralegal and is very rewarding.  When I volunteered, I would even bring my teen daughter at the time to volunteer for her community service hours for high school.

Here is a link to the Orange County Teen Court Program – http://www.ninthcircuit.org/programs-services/teen-court/

Definitely a win/win/win on this one – good deeds, networking and useful experience!

Thanks, Cassie, for the fast and informative response.

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