Judge Hit by Emoticon!!!!

That isn’t even close to true and I’m surprised you bought into it. However, it will, I hope, draw some attention to this follow-up to my post on an attorney’s advice for using emoticons, or email in general, for communication. This time the advice is from a judge. As reported by ABAJournal

Judge Gerald Lebovits has some opinions about the propriety of exclamation points and emoticons in e-mails.

Basically you should “Lose the emoticons. They don’t convey meaning in a professional setting.It is always nice to see a judge, even if he is not on the Supreme Court, agree with me. He expresses those opinions in 60 foot notes in an article first published in the New York State Bar Association Journal! The footnotes also discuss the use of exclamation points!!

• Exclamation points have their place. They can show enthusiasm and human warmth. Writing “Congratulations!” is expressive, while “Congratulations” may sound apathetic or sarcastic. But don’t use exclamation points after expressing a negative emotion—it’s the same as throwing a tantrum.

You can find the full NYBA Journal article here.

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