Professionalism and Education

One of my basic propositions is that professionalism, or at least its components can be taught. This is the basis of my course in Professionalism and Empowerment, my presentation to regional and national conferences, and an article I’ve written for The Paralegal Educator.  The belief that elements of professionalism can be learned prompted my writing The Empowered Paralegal.

Professionalism and education go together in anothe respect – a professional is educated (sometims academically, sometimes through experience) in both the process and the substance of their field, and they stay educated through (for paralegals and lawyers) CLE.

All of this is an introduction of sorts to the latest episode of The Paralegal Voice, hosted by Vicki Voison, The Paralegal Mentor, and Lynne DeVenny of Practical Paralegalism. This edition is entitled, “The Power of Paralegal Education”,  and is available at Legal Talk Network. It’s approach appears to be to emphasize another aspect of paralegal education – its role in a successful paralegal career. Here’s how they put it:

Education is vital to a successful paralegal career. On this edition of The Paralegal Voice, [we] welcomed Linda J. Wolf, ACP, the current President of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and Attorney Elizabeth Mann, Department Head of the Paralegal Program at Greenville Technical College, to focus on the importance of paralegal education. Discussion also focused on entering and growing in the career field, as well as what employers look for when hiring paralegals.

I’ve not yet had the time to listen to this episode, but given the co-hosts, the guests, and the topic, I suspect it is well worth so doing.

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