Paralegals dating lawyers II

A surprising (at least surprising to me) number of search queries that bring viewers to this blog relate to romance between paralegals and attorneys. I previously commented on this in a post involving a legal partnership that dissolved and devolved into assualt charges when one of the partners married the firm’s paralegal. The final act of that drama, appears to have ended. The Roanoke Times reports

Vinton lawyer Jeffrey Kessler, whose bankruptcy partnership with attorney Ann Marie Miller dissolved last year with an assault charge and hundreds of abandoned client files when he married an office paralegal, surrendered his privilege to practice bankruptcy law.

Those of  you prone to remembering such things will recall that it was Mr. Kessler who said of Ms. Miller, “I don’t know why she is behaving so inappropriately.”  One would think, however, that not all of the inappropriate behavior was on the part of Ms. Miller since,

In a federal bankruptcy court order filed Wednesday, Kessler agreed to give up his bankruptcy practice and to repay $35,000 he and Miller received from clients for work they didn’t do, said Carter “Chip” Magee, the Roanoke attorney appointed by the court to close Miller’s practice. That money, along with about $7,000 left in Miller’s bank accounts, eventually will be returned to the couple’s clients.

No word on the paralegal in this story, but this cannot help but to serve as a cautionary tale to those persons searching for “paralegals dating lawyers.”

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