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From time to time, and with increasing frequency lately, I get requests from educational programs saying nice things about my blog and asking me to add a their website to my links roll. In exchange they offer to link to my blog. I’ve also received emails from readers asking why I do not carry such links. The answer is that (1) there are two many programs for me to link to everyone of them, (2) I do not want a link on this blog to be taken as an endorsement of a program about which I know virtually nothing, and (3) I would rather a link to my blog be based on the merits of the blog than solely a reciprocal agreement.

For those of you interested in obtaining or furthering a paralegal education, here is a link to the American Association for Paralegal Education’s membership directory search function. While I am not familiar with every program in the AAfPE membership, I am familiar with, and a member of, AAfPE and do endorse it as an organization.

AAfPE Mission Statement & Strategic Plan

Recognizing the need to increase and improve access to the legal system, the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE) promotes quality paralegal education, develops educational standards and encourages professional growth, in order to prepare graduates to perform a significant role in the delivery of legal services. – June 9, 2001

The goals that AAfPE strives to accomplish:
• Promote high standards for paralegal education
• Provide a forum for professional improvement for paralegal educators
• Plan, promote and hold annual conferences and seminars
• Provide technical assistance and consultation services to institutions, educators and employers
• Promote research and disseminate information on the paralegal profession
• Cooperate with the American Bar Association and other institutions and professional associations in developing an approval process for paralegal education programs
• Promote the goals of the Association through cooperation with other national, regional and local groups and organizations interested in paralegal education

These goals are consistently met through the action of AAfPE’s members and the organization’s Board of Directors.

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