Ghana paralegal association providing access to justice

At least I think Kwabre is in Ghana. This is an interesting report on a new paralegal association in Kwabre. I have not come close to finishing my studies of the paralegal profession in England, France, and Ontario, so I won’t be able to follow up on this soon, but it appears that”paralegal” and “paralegal association” in Ghana mean something different than they do here, or at least there are differences in their functions. If anyone knows more, I’d appreciate hearing from you. However, it does appear that, in one way or another, paralegals are integral to providing access to justice in every country where they practice:

Mamponteng (Ash), March 1, GNA – A 26-member paralegal association has been inaugurated at Mamponteng in the Kwabre District, with a call on the members to promote and safeguard the rights and freedoms of women and children.

Ms Eudora Oppong, Ashanti Regional Administrator of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), who made the call, said women and children were the most vulnerable in society and needed to be protected.

“They are often cut off from decision-making as a result of discriminatory practices in customary law, marriage, divorce and inheritance,” she said. Miss Oppong blamed this on inadequate regional and district law courts, the slow process of adjudication of cases in the courts and the low socio-economic status of women, which tend to limit their ability to afford legal services.

FIDA has drawn up elaborate programmes including the provision of legal services to women and children, and the formation of paralegal associations in the local communities to address the problem. Ms Oppong said the Association had succeeded in securing the rights of many women and children through mediation and arbitration

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