Paralegal named “Woman of the Year”

One of the best ways for the legal profession to change it’s image is through public recognition of its members who do good and do it well. CapitalCityWeekly reports on a paralegal who received much deserved recognition:

Sitkan honored for work on domestic violence

Capital City Weekly

SITKA – Elisabeth Schafer, paralegal in the Sitka District Attorney’s Office, has been chosen as “Woman of the Year” by the board of Sitkans Against Family Violence. The award recognizes dedication and service to women and children in the community.

“My work with victims of domestic violence is the most satisfying part of my job,” said Schafer, who has worked as a paralegal in Sitka since 2002. “I know that sometimes I am the first person to whom a victim can safely express herself after years of emotional and physical abuse. It’s gratifying to see former victims in the community looking healthy, happy and safe.”

In addition to her paralegal work, Schafer is a member of Sitka’s Domestic Violence Task Force. She has three adult children and two grandchildren. The “Woman of the Year” award will be presented at a dinner on April 17 in Sitka.

Congratulations, Elizabeth! Your work and your professionalism help not only the victims of domestic violence, but the paralegal profession.

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