Afghan National Army Paralegal Graduation

The NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan reports on the graduation of the first ever paralegal class from the temporary legal training school. Introducing the paralegal concept to Afghanistan is a wonderful development. I am a bit concerned though about what is considered parlegal training – two weeks of training, 27 hours of which is in literacy. However, it all has to viewed in context, I suppose.

One aspect of the story I particularly liked was this:

The students were excited by their training and eager to learn more. On the last day of class, one student asked what he could do to ensure his supervisors knew about the training he had received. The instructor responded by saying, “show them what you can do.”

As an educator I’m always pleased when the result of education is that the students are eager to learn more. But more important is the instructor’s direction to this student, which is the same as I give to paralegals seeking more responsibility and respect from their attorneys: Show them what you can do.  As discussed here several times, attorneys often suffer from misunderstanding regarding the role of their own paralegals and what their paralegals can do.

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