Civility Forum Gives Insight into Profession

A few weeks ago I did a post on civility in the legal profession forums being held in Canada based on my wandering around the Paralegal Society of Ontario’s website and my attention being  caught by a link for the “Civility Forum Tour.”  This was of interest to a great degree because of my recent post regarding civility on paralegal discussion forums. The newest issues of The Paralegal Mentor’s newsletter references a story in the Lawyers Weekly – Canada reporting on one such forum. The article is worth the read for its discussion of civility, but also for another quote by Richard Lammers, V.P. Paralegal Society of Ontario who I quoted in the original post:

‘I got a great insight into how the profession treats one another,’ said Richard Lammers, vice president of the Paralegal Society of Ontario, who attended the meeting in Windsor, Ont. last December.

‘Before paralegals were members of the society, we didn’t have much contact or insight into what was going on in the profession,’ Lammers added.

This emphasizes a point made in a post regarding Lynne DeVenny at Practical Paralegalism noting that the Tulsa County Bar Association now allows paralegals who meet the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Minimum Qualification Standards for Legal Assistant/Paralegal to become associate members of the association. As I said there, ” The bar as all to often neglected to recognize not only the importance of paralegals, but the fact that paralegals are, like the lawyers themselves, part of the legal profession. Opening the bar association to paralegals allows the attorneys and paralegals who must work together as a legal team in the law office to associate together as the professionals they are.” Mr. Lammer’s comment  suggests that such association may very well lead to insight on the part of both paralegals and attorneys regarding the other half of the legal profession.

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