NFPA Scholarship Essay – Important Pro bono subject

NFPA has announce its annual scholarship essay contest. I’m including the notice here in full partly to spread the word, but mostly because I think the topic of the essay is of significance to the paralegal profession:

NFPA offers two scholarship annually, sponsored by Thomson-Reuters, in the amounts of $3,000 and $2,000. The scholarships are available to students currently enrolled in a paralegal program.

The subject of this year’s essay is:

Pro bono providers, such as lawyers/bar associations in many states do not include paralegals and/or paralegal students in pro bono projects. Although these providers do solicit lawyers to participate, the request does not include non-lawyers. How would you encourage pro bono providers to utilize paralegals and paralegal students to assist in providing pro bono services to those in need?

Further information on the scholarship program is available at

Applicants are not required to be members of NFPA or its member organization, although we encourage membership for all paralegals and those interested in our profession.
Posted By Theresa Prater

It should be noted that there are examples of paralegals and paralegal students assisting in pro bono service projects. In a recent post I discussed paralegal students participating in a guardianship project supervised by attorneys from the local bar association. Another post concerned the Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Law Project in New York. When I have time to search I’m sure there are several others.

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