Workshops, Seminars, and Presentations

Mr. Mongue provides workshops, seminars, presentations, and in-house custom paralegal training. Workshops and seminars consist of sessions combined into one-half day, full day, and two days formats. The sessions are selected in consultation with the program sponsor to best serve the needs of those attending the workshops. Each session is also adapted to the program and those attending the event. A copy of The Empowered Paralegal:Effective, Efficient and Professional  is provided for each attendee.

Mr. Mongue is also available as an event speaker and to give presentations as part of CLE programs sponsored by paralegal associations, bar associations, and other organizations.

 Available sessions include:

The paralegal- attorney relationship (works best when attorneys and paralegals attend together)

The paralegal and attorney as a legal team (works best when attorneys and paralegals attend together)

Paralegal – attorney communication (works best when attorneys and paralegals attend together)

Professionalism: It is not just how you dress

Working with the Elder Client

Critical and Analytical Thinking

Time Management

Stress Management

Workload Management

Workspace Management

Client Management

Understanding the Court System

Understanding Rules of Procedure

Using the IRAC Method

Understanding Trial Tactics

Understanding Litigation Notebooks

Understanding Discovery

Docket Control

Avoiding Problems When Using Technology in Document Control

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  • I would very much be interested in learning more about your speaking schedule, what you charge, etc. Our paralegal association is in Northwest Florida and we are always on the lookout for speakers that meet theneeds of our members.

  • Nancy Shearman says:

    I did not see a place to subscribe to your blogs. This is definitely the most comprehensive Paralegal website I have come across. I look forward to utilizing your expertise.

  • My favorite part of law is the research and IRAC or FIRAC method and I am a paralegal who loves law.

  • Sybil O'Connell says:

    Can you please tell me of any Paralegal Seminars in the northeast that you know of particularly in Boston, MA

  • miriam rodriguez says:

    Dear Sir: Can you help us senior citizens find a paralegal to help us against our son that has bipolar and has a summons against us that we can’t see our grandchildren that we have been taken care of 2x a month for 10 years. there is more to our story, but i will wait to h ear from you and i hope i do. Thank you Miriam Rodriguez ozone park, ny 11417

  • R. E. Mongue says:


    In the United States paralegals cannot work in situations like this without supervision of an attorney, so you must find an attorney in the Ozone Park area. I personally do not know any in that area, but perhaps one or more of the readers of this blog do. If any of you do, please let me know and I will pass on Miriam’s contact information. I removed her address and telephone number from this comment before allowing it to be posted to protect her privacy.

  • Wendi Myers says:

    I am currently a paralegal for the prosecuting attorney’s office. I have been asked to interview with a criminal law attorney in the same county. Although my access to cases are limited in our office (I’m mostly an assistant to the assistants, not a lot of hands on), I have most likely come across them at one time or another. The attorney requesting the interview is the defense attorney for one of our biggest cases. I understand about ethical walls and that I will not be able to work on this particular case, however, are there any other ethical considerations that I need to know before interviewing. Or should I not interview at all because I am afraid their would potentially be a conflict of interest? My office is unaware of this interview. It’s tomorrow.

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