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NFPA’s Annual Convention is just around the corner.

Friday, September 9th, 2011

From the NFPA LinkedIn Group board comes this reminder about the upcoming NFPA National Conference.  I am a big advocate of professional associations in general and NFPA in particular (see the “Professional Associations” category) and encourage any of you who can attend to do so. I’d go myself, but I’m scheduled to moderate a panel on “Teaching in the Cloud: WIMBA” at the AAfPE National Conference in Baltimore two weeks later and there’s a limit to the number of days I can devote to conferences.

You still have an opportunity to participate in NFPA’s Annual Convention, seminars, student workshop and Pro Bono Conference October 13 – 16, in Bloomington, MN. Meet colleagues from across the country, take your pick from 24 seminars on issues including such topics as: Social Media and the Paralegal, Employment Law, Prep, Pray, Live Through Trial, Bankruptcy Petitions and several ethics offerings, as well as seminars designed to provide insight into NFPA’s PCC and PACE exams. There are full day and half day seminar packages available.
For more information check the NFPA website:

Senior Partner Murdered in Tulsa Paralegal Mentor Presentation!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

It’s been a busy time here at OleMiss with mid-term exams (the fact that I’m teaching media ethics in the School of Journalism this semester may help explain the alarmist headline for this post) and my preparations for a presentation on the role of paralegal educators in teaching civility scheduled for October 26 in Indianapolis for the AAfPE National Conference, but I do want to take a minute to note that Vicki Voison, The Paralegal Mentor is also speaking to a conference and her presentation is this week! Here’s her announcement:

This Saturday, October 16th, I’ll be in Oklahoma speaking at the Fall Conference of the Tulsa Area Paralegal Association (TAPA). The conference takes place in at the Holiday Inn – Tulsa Center.

This 90 minute presentation will cover ethics issues related to the law firm’s technology system. The mystery will focus on issues of confidentiality and privilege and take you through the tangled web of electronic equipment, blogs, email, metadata, social media…and more.
My goal is to talk about ethics for 90 minutes and keep attendees awake at the same time. I’ve come up with a good way to do that…we’ll be solving a mystery! Oh, dear…the Senior Partner has been murdered! Carolyn, a litigation paralegal with the firm, believes there are clues within the firms technology system that will point to the murderer. She enlists the help of the firm’s IT guru, McTechie…and they’re off.
If you’re in Tulsa and want to help figure out who murdered the Senior Partner…as well as learn a lot about law firm ethics…just click on this link for more information and to register. See you there!

If I were in Tulsa on October 16th, I’d be checking in on Vicki’s presentation and the rest of the Tulsa Area Paralegal Association (TAPA) conference.