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AAfPE South Central Conference

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

I recently traveled to New Orleans for the American Association for Paralegal Education South Central Conference admirably hosted by Tulane University’s School of Continuing Education Paralegal Studies Program directed by Sallie Davis. My own presentation, I believe, went well. The conference overall was an excellent example of what professional associations can do for the profession – in this case the profession of educating paralegal students by providing opportunities for members to meet, network, and share knowledge.

I particularly benefited from the presentation by Ernest Davila, J.D., Paralegal Program Director, San Jacinto College, Houston, TX, on getting the most from time and financial resources, the Using Media in the Classroom presentation by Joni Johnson, Adjunct Instructor, Tulane University, and the Teaching E-Discovery: Practices and Pitfalls presentation by Lois Elliot, also an Adjunct Instructor at Tulane University.

Even though I’ve been through fairly extensive time management training, it seems as though I pick up something new at every time/resource management presentation. For those practicing paralegal who could use time and workload management assistance (and who cannot!) I suggest, of course, my own The Empowered Paralegal: Effective, Efficient, and Professional”
and posts here in the related categories.

E-Discovery, of course, is becoming ever more important and complex. Practicing paralegals involved with e-discovery may want to join the Organization of Legal Professionals an organization that focuses on e-discovery training and certifications and The Paralegal Knowledge Institute’s courses on e-discovery. In the interest of full disclosure, I am associated with both of these organizations. I am on the OLP Advisory Council, although it seems to do quite well without my advice, and I have taught in a PKI webinar.

Perhaps though the best lesson I learned is that it is possible to go to New Orleans and have a great time without straying too far from my medical restrictions on sodium and alcohol!

Who Dat AND Charlie Sheen!

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

“The New Orleans Paralegal Association’s educational seminar on Friday, October 7, 2011 offers a variety of legal topics ranging from the Who Dat and Charlie Sheen controversies to practical “how to” organize medical records or find out real estate information. Opportunities for career advancement, and information regarding national paralegal certification exams will also be available” according to a posting on There are many good reasons to go to New Orleans (a daughter studying at Tulane tops the list at the moment), but it might be worth a trip just for this seminar!

Here’s more from the announcement:

Addressing everything from the controversies surrounding the Who Dat trademark and actor, Charlie Sheen’s tweets to the current trends regarding Green Litigation, NOPA made sure that this year’s seminar topics were current and relevant to paralegals. Additionally, there are practical “How To” classes on organizing medical records, obtaining real estate information and understanding criminal defense. “We wanted to make sure we touched on the varied interests of our growing profession,” Rolland said.

I’d mention the impressive luncheon speaker, but it isn’t I, so you’ll just have to read the announcement yourself.

Also this on a different topic:

Boasting a 50% growth in membership in the past two years, NOPA encourages its members to take advantage of the two national certifications offered through its parent organization, the National Federation of Paralegal Associations. Rolland believes the Paralegal Advanced Certification Exam (PACE) and the Paralegal Core Competency Exam (PCCE) that will be available online December 1, 2011, will help paralegals gain an edge in a job market that does not focus on a paralegal’s experience or specific set of skills. “The job description ‘paralegal’ has lost its meaning in recent years due to the blending of paralegal, file clerk and secretarial duties and these certification exams are a way to gain it back.”