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Paralegal Student Wins Back-to-Back LEX Scholarship Contests

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

The Deer Park Broadcaster reports:

San Jacinto College paralegal student Karen Cardenas’ essay about parental rights of same sex couples recently earned a $500 scholarship awarded by the Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX) national paralegal honor society.

Cardenas became the first-ever repeat winner in the national scholarship contest, which attracts applicants from nearly 200 universities and colleges throughout the nation. The LEX honor society awards only five of the national scholarships annually.

“This is the first time in the LEX scholarship history that we have had a repeat winner,” commented Mary Flaherty, LEX national coordinator. “Karen deserves a great deal of credit for this impressive accomplishment.”

In 2014, Cardena’s essay about a legal procedure known as “Replevin” earned her a LEX essay scholarship. Replevin is a complex legal action used to have property returned to its rightful owner when it is being held unlawfully by someone other than the owner. The Replevin procedure frequently involves cases in which someone buys stolen property without knowing it is stolen.

You can read the full article here. Congratulations, Karen!

Scholarship for Paralegal Students

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

I recently received the following email which I now pass on to you:

My name is Abigael Blumenthal and I am working on behalf of Andrew Moses and Jay Rooth at Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law ( This firm recently created a $500 scholarship for incoming and current paralegal students. I am reaching out to you to see if you would be willing to post this scholarship on your website to help us inform the largest amount of students possible about this opportunity. The scholarship information (and application) can be found here: The deadline for this is May 1, 2015, and the scholarship is intended for the fall 2015 semester.

2014 NFPA/Thomson Reuters Scholarship

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Pat Lyons, President-Elect of the American Association for Paralegal Education passed this along on the AAfPE listserv:

NFPA has posted the application for the 2014 NFPA/Thomson Reuters Scholarship.  The deadline to submit the application and required documents is July 1, 2014.
I know many of our programs have had a student win one of the two scholarships over the years and this is another opportunity to have your students apply and win a scholarship to help with their paralegal education!

The scholarships will be awarded at the 2014 NFPA Annual Convention to be held in Dallas, TX.

If you go to the NFPA website and click on the link in the middle of the page for the scholarships.
Please share with your students.  What a great Spring Break project!


Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Several items of interest today from NFPA (National Federation of Paralegal Associations.) They serve to illustrate the benefits to paralegal professionals and the paralegal profession of active membership in paralegal professional associations such as NFPA, NALA, and NALS. Check out this blog’s blog roll for links to many of these fine organizations.

1. Through Patricia Lyons of Roger Williams University on the AAfPE (American Association for Paralegal Education) listserv:

The NFPA-Thomson Reuters Scholarship deadline is fast-approaching!  All scholarship packages must be submitted to NFPA by July 1, 2012!  The first place scholarship is $3000 and second place is $2000 plus a stipend for travel to attend the NFPA Convention in Anchorage, Alaska!

The link to the application, etc. is at href=<

Also, for those who work with practicing paralegals or know of lawyers who work with paralegals, there are additional links to awards information so that paralegals can be recognized for their accomplishments to the paralegal profession.  They can be found at: href=

2. From NFPA through a LinkedIn announcement:

The new NFPA website ( is a complete redesign…We designed for both the technology of today and tomorrow…Behind the scenes, there are many ways the new website design will help NFPA HQ be better able to serve you and many more additions will be worked on over the summer.

Moreover, the new site’s technological underpinnings are very extensible. We will be able to add new features and enhance existing ones using HQ resources, not expensive web design firms. We feel that what we are unveiling is great in its own right, but more than that, we see it as a foundation to build upon for even more member value in the future.

3.  From  a LinkedIn discussion forum post by Rebecca Vazquez:

Statistics project…anyone’s stats would be greatly appreciated!!

I’m doing a Statistics project with regard to paralegals/paralegal students. Can anyone weigh in with the following stats:

1. Did you go to school for a certificate or degree?
2. What area(s) of law do you work in?
3. How many years experience do you have?
4. If you are no longer a paralegal but were once, how many years did you work before you quit?

I’m trying to determine the percentage of years that paralegals who graduate with a certificate/degree work in the field compared to the percentage of years those who don’t have a degree or certificate work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I can’t vouch for the scientific validity of a statistics project done through LinkedIn, but the results will be of interest in any case. If you’d like to add to the data, post a comment here or email me and I’ll forward the info to Rebecca through LinkedIn. Or you can do it yourself through the NFPA LinkedIn group.

NFPA Scholarship Deadline

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I often post on the benefits of belonging to paralegal professional associations. There are benefits to the members, the association as a whole and often to the public. This post is just to illustrate the point by passing along a post made by Theresa A. Prater, RP on the NFPA LinkedIn group board:

Group: National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.
Subject: Announcement from National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. – SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE 7-1-11

A reminder to students in this group — the deadline to apply for one of two NFPA/Thomson Reuters Scholarships is JULY 1, 2011. Application and essay topic are located at:

Scroll down to Thomson/Reuters Scholarships for the PDF of the application and the essay topic.

NFPA Scholarship Essay – Important Pro bono subject

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

NFPA has announce its annual scholarship essay contest. I’m including the notice here in full partly to spread the word, but mostly because I think the topic of the essay is of significance to the paralegal profession:

NFPA offers two scholarship annually, sponsored by Thomson-Reuters, in the amounts of $3,000 and $2,000. The scholarships are available to students currently enrolled in a paralegal program.

The subject of this year’s essay is:

Pro bono providers, such as lawyers/bar associations in many states do not include paralegals and/or paralegal students in pro bono projects. Although these providers do solicit lawyers to participate, the request does not include non-lawyers. How would you encourage pro bono providers to utilize paralegals and paralegal students to assist in providing pro bono services to those in need?

Further information on the scholarship program is available at

Applicants are not required to be members of NFPA or its member organization, although we encourage membership for all paralegals and those interested in our profession.
Posted By Theresa Prater

It should be noted that there are examples of paralegals and paralegal students assisting in pro bono service projects. In a recent post I discussed paralegal students participating in a guardianship project supervised by attorneys from the local bar association. Another post concerned the Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Law Project in New York. When I have time to search I’m sure there are several others.