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NFPA Scholarship Applications Due by July 1

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017
Apply for a Paralegal Scholarship
NFPA is now accepting applications for our annual scholarships, sponsored by Thomson Reuters and the Paralegal Education Group.
The NFPA/Thomson Reuters Scholarship will award a total of $5,000 to two paralegal students. The PCCE and PACE scholarships, sponsored by the Paralegal Education Group, cover the costs of a review manual, a PEG online review course and the exam fee for either the PACE or the PCCE.
All completed applications must be post-marked by July 1 in order to be considered.

Scholarship News from NFPA

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

NFPA is now accepting applications for our 2017 NFPA/Thomson Reuters Scholarships. All completed applications must be post-marked by July 1 in order to be considered.
There are two scholarships: first place scholarship is $3000 and second place scholarship is $2000. They will be awarded at the NFPA Annual Convention in New Orleans in October. Winners will be announced by September 15. This has always been a great way for our students to earn scholarship money for their paralegal education! Those applying do not need to be a member of NFPA. Remind students to follow the instructions for the deadline and documents required for the application packet, along with the essay.
Download the Thomson Reuters Scholarship Application
Additional information, including the application and judging criteria for all NFPA awards is available on the Awards and Scholarships page of the website.
Get more information about NFPA awards and scholarships!
On another note, if you have an current students or graduates who are interested in taking PACE or PCCE exams, there are also scholarships, but applications must be a member of NFPA (can be member through their local paralegal association who is a member of NFPA).
The link can be found at The scholarship links are under the Announcements section on the home page. For these scholarships, click on either the 2017 PACE Scholarship or 2017 PCCE Scholarship.

Best of luck to your students! If you have questions, contact Beth King, RP, at

NFPA Scholarships

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Received this notice through the AAfPE listserv:

Each year NFPA together with Thomson Reuters offers two scholarships for paralegal education. The deadline is July 1, 2015 so please share this information with your students so they can apply and possibly win one of the scholarships!  The first place award is $3000 and second place award is $2000.  The scholarships will be awarded at NFPA’s Annual Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii!

To access the scholarship applications, please follow directions below:

To download the 2015 National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. / Thomson Reuters Scholarship Application, go to Scholarship and award winners will be announced at NFPA’s Annual Convention in October.

Important! Incomplete applications and nominations or those postmarked after July 1 will be ineligible for consideration. Please note when multiple copies of a document are specified, they are required.

Addie Ratcliff, University of Indianapolis wins Mind Tap Scholarship

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

From Cengage Learning:

One student has won a $2500 Scholarship in the MindTap Slice of Your Life Contest!
Out of more than 300 original video entries submitted by students across the country, we narrowed it down to six finalists, opened up the polls, and a winner has been chosen!
Addie Ratcliff, University of Indianapolis, has won first place and a $2500 scholarship for her video!
Will Donovan, North Greenville University, has won second place and a $500 scholarship for his video!
Moriah Kirkpatrick, Lincoln Christian University, has been named the Viewers’ Choice Award winner, and will be awarded a $250 American Express gift card.
View all of the winning videos at
The students’ work on these videos was so inspiring, as was their encouragement for one another throughout the voting process. We felt that every one of the finalists deserved recognition for their efforts, and so the four other finalists, David Blanchard, Brad Nelson, Tommy Carroll, and Sean Kai Rafferty, will each be awarded a $250 American Express gift card.
We hope you’ll visit our YouTube page to view even more of the excellent videos we received.
Congratulations to all of our winners!

NFPA Scholarships Applications Available

Friday, March 1st, 2013

This just in from NFPA:

NFPA is proud to announce the essay topic for the 2013 NFPA/Thomson Reuters scholarships is now available at the Application form. There are two scholarships available: first place is $3,000 and second place is $2,000.
This scholarship opportunity is open to both member and non-member students of NFPA. The deadline for submission of completed applications and accompanying documents is July 1, 2013. Winners will be provided a travel stipend to attend the NFPA Annual Convention in Hartford, CT in October and will be recognized at the Awards Luncheon on Saturday, October 5. Notification will be provided to the winners on or about August 26, 2013.
Please share this information with any students you may know and with paralegal programs in your area.

The “C” Mantra

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

The NFPA National Paralegal Reporter for December/January, among several articles worthy of reading announces the winners of the Thomson Reuters Scholarship Winners (Melissa Jurik and Anne Caitlin Griffin) and the Chancellor University Scholarship Winner (Shelly L. Bender.) Their winning essays are included.

Melissa’s “Our Mantra – Learn As Much As You Can” was particularly interesting to me as it relates to my recent post on professional self-assessment in which I made the point, “The professional paralegal strives to move beyond just “doing the job” – average or satisfactory work. So as we do our year end assessments, we should each ask ourselves, ‘Am I doing “A” work?'” While I was speaking of already practicing paralegals, Melissa applies the principle to paralegal students and newly minted graduates. She points out, “In that diverse group of students, there are a myriad of personalities and work ethics. Some have the mantra of ‘C’s get degrees’ and are doing just enough to get by, while a larger group of us are on a mission to learn as much as we can to make sure we are prepared to enter into the workforce.” She then argues in favor of completion of a voluntary exam such as The Paralegal CORE Competency Exam as a way of showing employers that the “individual has met the standards that are objectively established and verified by a third party.”

Those of you who read my previous post are aware that I agree with Melissa on the need for students to be doing “A” work if they expect an “A” grade. That can best be accomplished by adopting Melissa’s mantra: Endeavor to learn as much as you can rather than work for a passing grade. That same attitude applies to getting and keeping a job. It certainly applies to any paralegal who sees themselves making a career as a professional paralegal.

2012 NFPA/Thomson Reuters Scholarships

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

I’ve received this notice from several sources, so you probably have already seen it also, but just in case….

2012 NFPA/Thomson Reuters Scholarships!

NFPA will again co-sponsor the 2012 Scholarships with Thomson Reuters! Over the years, these scholarships have assisted many students in AAfPE programs obtain paralegal degrees.

This year there are two (2) scholarships to be awarded: First Place Scholarship is $3000 and Second Place Scholarship is $2000! A travel stipend will also be provided to scholarship recipients to travel to the NFPA Annual Convention to be held in Anchorage, Alaska from September 27-30, 2012!

I have provided links below for the Scholarship Application and procedures. Please share this information with your students. Scholarship winners will be notified by August 17, 2012!
Note: The deadline to submit the Application and all required documentation is July 1, 2012! If all documents requested are not included in the application package, the candidate will be disqualified!

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Procedures (Scroll towards bottom for Scholarship):

NALA Certified Paralegal Scholarship Award nominations – Deadline Extension

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Deadline Extension – April 1

The deadline for submitting student nominations for the NALA Certified Paralegal Scholarship Award has been extended to April 1. The award will recognize two graduating paralegal students who excel in their academic paralegal studies, have demonstrated strong leadership, and plan to take the CP Exam.

Visit for complete award details and guidelines.

Submit your student nomination today!

NFPA Scholarships

Friday, March 11th, 2011

The National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. group on LinkedIn provides this announcement:

* Subject: Announcement from National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. – SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE

It’s that time again — NFPA is happy to announce that the 2011 Thomson Reuters’ Scholarship Application is available at

This year’s essay topic is:

“The economy has had a strong impact on the practice of law. As a paralegal student, who will soon be graduating, describe the current legal job market in your community, and how your paralegal education can give you an advantage in securing paralegal employment.”

The scholarships are $3,000 and $2,000, and include a stipend for the winners to travel to the 2011 Annual Convention to be personally recognized by NFPA and Thomson.

Theresa A. Prater, RP
NFPA Vice President and Director of Profession Development
Posted By Theresa A. Prater, RP

NFPA Scholarships

Monday, February 21st, 2011

I received the following through the National Federation of Paralegal Association’s LinkedIn group. I’m assuming NFPA will not mind me passing it alone in toto:

  • Group: National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.
  • Subject: NFPA Scholarships – Topic to Be Announced March 1, 2011

NFPA will again offer two scholarships through the generosity of Thomson Reuters, to paralegal students. These scholarships are for $3000 & $2000, are open to students studying in paralegal programs across the country, and the winners are determined by a panel of judges who sit on the NFPA Advisory Board. None of the judges on this panel are educators; rather they are chosen from the lawyers, paralegals, and non-legal professionals who sit on this Board.

The winners are also provided a stipend to attend the NFPA Annual Convention, which is being held in Bloomington, MN October 13 – 16 this year. There the winners will be introduced by an executive of Thomson Reuters, have an opportunity to see NFPA in action and to interact with NFPA members from across the country.

There is a formal application process for the scholarships and an essay which must accompany the application. The topic will be announced next week, and I will provide additional information on how to apply at that time. In the meantime, if there are any questions on the scholarships, please let me know.

Theresa A. Prater, RP
NFPA Vice President and Director of Profession Developmen