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Attorney Supervision – Another Point of View

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I’ve often posted here on the attorney’s obligation to supervise paralegals. Superlegal Fun reverses the roles in a post on her blog and examines the need for paralegal supervision of attorneys in a post entitled, “10 things you should never let lawyers do by themselves.” While the list is humorous, speaking as an attorney I can confirm that she is right about enforcing these rules.

For example, “Rule No. 1: 1. Never let an attorney hold an original document without supervision. They WILL write on it, spill coffee on it, or lose it and claim they never saw it before. The “WORKING COPY” stamp is your best friend.” This was an actual rule in my office. I just could not stand the responsibility of having an original document. However, I tried to extend the rule to everyone – the originals were tucked safely away and everyone used “working copies” for day-to-day tasks.

Click the link above to get the whole list and her final advice:

Usually, the older attorneys recognize that they are not allowed/able to do these things. BUT, those attorneys, on occasion, will try to be “helpful” and handle their own crap. Reinforce with those attorneys it is a bad idea and that they have tried to be “helpful” in the past and it ended in disaster.

The list can be filed a number of places, but I’d start with “Stress Management.”